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Why the explosion of people hiring personal trainers in the last 10 years? In ancient China, people paid doctors on a regular basis while they were healthy. When they became sick, the doctor was assumed to be slacking on his job, and was no longer paid. Society is returning to this model.  In-home personal trainers have replaced house-call doctors in the role of maintaining people's health. The reputation of western medicine (and especially US health-care) is in decline, and in addition to their primary function of maintaining health, trainers are savvy to advances in alternative medicine. Having a personal trainer is a form of health insurance; it's preemptive health-care.

Not getting to the gym is the number one reason people don't exercise. With a trainer on your support team, you don’t have to motivate yourself to go to the gym. The trainer brings the work-out to you. You can work out in your home / office / apartment-building gym / park.

The benefits of forming a good workout habit are:
1) Losing weight
2) Minimaliz-ing stress
3) Improving sleep quality
4) Developing stamina & high-energy
5) Increasing longevity
6) Forging a flexible, hard-body with six-pack abdominals, etc.
7) Enhancing the immune system
8) Becoming physically attractive
9) Increasing self-confidence
10) Attracting romance
11) Increasing joy in life