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As a fitness professional I can tell you the energy from it is absolutely astounding. Those who practice it experience greatly improved physical and mental health. There are tens of thousands of testimonials (and I have friends who were cured form “incurable” diseases).

All videos on this page, plus the official Falun Gong exercise video (see link below) are narrated by myself.


When Falun Gong first went public in the 90s, it spread like wild-fire, because of its traditional values and healing ability, with over 70 million Chinese practicing it, according to official estimates (the real number is thought to be approximately 100 million). That’s an astronomical number of people.

China's Communist Party, which had originally championed the practice, soon felt threatened by the sheer amounts of people practicing (more than the entire CCP), and subsequently outlawed the practice.

That's partially how I discovered this system. I had experimented with other forms of Qi Gong, but when I read about the vastness of this phenomenon, and how it had spread like wildfire, I figured with their 5,000-year cultural history - the Chinese must know a thing or two. They must be on to something. 100 million Chinese couldn't be all wrong.


Most people have heard of Tai Chi and Kung Fu. People are now starting to hear about Qi Gong. Notice how these words are related: Tai Qi / Qi Gong / Gong Fu.

From a health/fitness perspective, Qi Gong is an ancient energy-enhancement system that promotes longevity. The elderly in Mainland Chinese parks are all doing either Tai Chi, or Qi Gong, or Gong Fu. But not Falun Gong. It’s being persecuted; they'll throw you in jail over there. You can only find it here (for more about the persecution, scroll down).

So, it's very complicated and therefore difficult to explain Qi Gong briefly. It has to do with many eastern medicine concepts such as chi-flow, meridians, gong, chakras, the dantian center, yin & yang, etc.


Chi could very roughly be explained as the electro-magnetic force-field, or energy blue-print, if you will, that holds the physical body's molecules in place. When a person dies, the chi body dissipates, and the physical body falls apart.

It is the power of chi that allows a shoot of grass to break through a cement sidewalk. Advanced karate practitioners enhance their chi in order to be able to smash cinder-blocks with the thin bones of their hands, elbows, and foreheads. Think about the physics involved in a stack of 10 cinder-blocks being smashed with the eggshell-like bone of the skull.

Chi is the life-force. Male athletes abstain from sex before their various events because one "Lovin' Spoonful" ("10-CC's") of male ejaculate is the life-force equivalent of an atomic bomb - it can hypothetically repopulate the entire planet. Athletes try to focus and avoid draining that energy to enhance their power. This is Chi.


"Gong", while related, is another form of energy altogether. However, the explanation of gong energy is lengthy and would need a lot more space than a website for clarification. In a nutshell, Gong energy is used for Buddha-BodyBuilding. If you want to find out what that is, you can download the book "Falun Gong” by Li Hongzhi:


and also “Zhuan Falun”


Here is the link to official Falun Gong exercise video:


A bonafide Qi Gong practice is an enlightenment path and goes far beyond the realm of health & fitness, which again is why I can only teach the exercises of this system in service, and can't take money for it. However, I can’t just go running around willy-nilly, teaching free classes everywhere. The catch is, if you hire me as a trainer for fitness purpose—I’ll happily, additionally teach Falun Gong for free. With 19 years in the fitness business, my fee is $175 per hour, and a pre-paid package of 10 sessions brings the price to $150 per session. The extra half hour of Falun Gong instruction, should you desire to learn, is absolutely free.

While we’re on the topic of fees, the standard personal trainer rules apply: if you need to cancel a session, I need 24 hours notice. The reason being, if I set aside time for your session, and don’t have enough time to move someone else into that spot—I lose money. The booked time must be paid for since time = money.



Since I myself practice Falun Gong, I try to raise awareness about the brutal and unlawful persecution happening in China as we speak.

As mentioned above, Falun Gong is an ancient, super-powerful form of qigong consisting of five meditative exercises. It's a peaceful Buddhist/Taoist spiritual practice, where you focus inward and work hard on living your life from truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

So why has something this harmless been banned, especially since qigong originated in China 5,000 years ago?

China's leader at the time feared this independent, peaceful health movement was becoming too popular and was overshadowing his own communist legacy, so he vowed to eradicate Falun Gong.

The Chinese Communist Party is torturing and murdering their own peaceful people, along with the Tibetans.

What's worse is a gruesome practice of forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience.

With state support, Chinese hospitals rob organs from practitioners, while they are often still alive, and are making a huge profit from trafficking. A heart or a lung can go for a six-figure sum.

In July 2016, a groundbreaking report by independent investigators came out on this. It’s estimated, based on the hospital’s own numbers, that up to 1.5 million transplants have been performed since the year 2000, most of them from Falun Gong practitioners, who are killed in the process. (China has no substantive response to this report.)

The Chinese regime is literarily engaged in genocide … and most of us have not even heard about it.

It's obviously an intensely sick situation. Since most media have been careful not to upset the regime (though this is now slowly changing), and we are generally not aware of just how bad things are; Falun Gong practitioners worldwide are trying to raise awareness on this issue. Here’s the award-winning short film I narrated, on this topic:


Here’s a story on the report:


And a New York Times article on the topic too:


Let’s be thankful for our American freedoms!