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Mark has been my work out partner for over 12 years now. Yes, I pay him for the sessions, but he is definitely my partner in training. I am 56 and have been doing strength and aerobic training since I am 18. I have read the books and magazines and have hung out at the “muscle head” gyms for decades. You would think at this point I would not need a trainer. Maybe. But I definitely want Mark to train me. It comes down to knowledge and motivation. Mark has the intelligence, education and experience to match the style and intensity of work out to meet his client’s goals. The few times I have worked out alone I realize that my focus and effort are not at the same level as when I am working with Mark. He does not apply a drill sergeant approach, its more quiet persuasion. I honestly expect that in each workout I will be a little stronger than the last. Check out his resume - Mark is not your typical phys-ed type: Williams College, Qi-Gong, film critic, etc. If you are serious about your fitness goals, Mark is an excellent choice for your training journey.

Richard Fox
Ernst & Young

Mark Jackson is the best trainer I have ever had. I have worked out with him for most of 10 years, and my wife for several also, and Mark has it all: expert up-to-date knowledge, encouraging personality, reliability, imagination and variety in his approach. Starting with his success in bringing me back to health from a debilitating period of illness, he has helped me build strength, flexibility, and cardio-vascular stamina while keeping my weight down and my overall health in great shape. I can't imagine a better trainer, or a better person to know. 

Jim Basker
English Professor and President
OxBridge Academic Programs

If you seek the standard, bored, coffee-drinking dumbbell caddy who can count to ten - don’t bother calling Mark Jackson. If you’re looking to settle a debt you owe to your mind and body, look no further. Jackson counts in several languages, can discuss poetry, philosophy, politics, acting, his latest work in oil, or whatever is on your mind while you add muscle mass and shed pounds. I’d never lifted more than a telephone until my wife surprised me with a gift of some sessions with Mark. Seven years later my twice weekly sessions have become an integral part of my work week and I out-lift most people in the gym 15 years my junior. A skilled work-out partner, Jackson’s approach is holistic, combining workouts with nutritional guidance and a keen appreciation of, and deep insights into all of life’s baggage you bring into the gym. He keeps meticulous records of my progress and I’ve remained injury-free. He is dependable, punctual and understanding. A must for first-timers and gym rats alike.

Steven A. Cooper
Nemco Brokerage, Inc.

I started working with Mark about 3+ years ago after an intervention by friends on my physical condition. With three little children, I was sleeping poorly, eating inconsistently and barely exercising. Always patient, Mark developed a program that fit my needs which included nutritional suggestions blended with weight training and aerobic exercises. Within six months there was a very noticeable difference in my physique. After one year my friends were shocked with the complete change in muscle tone. My sleeping and energy levels also improved and the only downside to our program was the need to buy a new wardrobe. Last but not least, Mark is a great guy, reliable, highly educated, well-read, and holds conversations across a broad spectrum of topics. I highly recommend him as a trainer!

Mark Besca
Ernst & Young Northeast Assurance
and Advisory Managing Partner

Mark and I personally trained together for two years. During that period I saw significant improvements in my strength, stamina, and definition. During our sessions Mark was able to push me effectively towards my limits but never in a way that felt pressurizing or intimidating. Rather, he offered a casual style that was wonderfully balanced by a wealth of professional knowledge on both health and fitness and a genuine caring for his client's well being in both mind and body. To that end, Mark often focused some of the attention on what occurred outside the sessions offering beneficial information and advice not only on home exercising but also on other life style related issues such as nutrition and stress reduction. Mark remains in my estimation an exceptional trainer.

Sholom J. Twersky
Deputy Appeals Bureau Chief
District Attorney's Office
Brooklyn, New York

Mark really knows his stuff. As a trainer I found his work comprehensive, thoughtful and focused. He was respectful of my limits, complimentary of my strengths and, above all, encouraging. His approach is client-centered, and his clients get results.

Steven Harper
Playwright, Actor

Mark is an exceptional trainer - focused, persistent, and always "pushing" (coaxing) one to go the next level. Reliable, professional, flexible, and exceedingly good-humored, it has been a great experience working with him -- and the results have greatly surpassed my expectations!

Jay Nibbe
Tax Managing Partner
Ernst & Young